"Calendar Girls" Calendar

  • October 29, 2012

"Calendar Girls" Calendar

Ipswich Queensland Australia

"Calendar Girls" Calendar

Jan viewing "Herself and Kaye being brave for a good cause"

It all began with Christmas drinks with neighbours….so at our February meeting we put a suggestion to the ladies about doing a “Calendar Girls” calendar…..we asked them not to say no until they had "heard us out”. We said all we need is 12 of you! (we have 30 in our club)…we got 17 who put their hands up!! We were on our way… Our ladies unanimously decided to support Hannah’s House as this project supports homeless young girls from 13 to 17 years of age in supported accommodation. Hannah’s House has been running since 1982 in Ipswich and has never closed its’ doors …not even for one day! There are many young women in the community who have stories to tell of their love and support from Hannah’s House. After getting some quotes from local printing firms and then we thought if we got sponsors to support this venture to cover the cost of printing, then all we had to do was sell them! (1000!) Luckily we have some ladies in our club who are owners of businesses and asked if they would be happy to sponsor themselves! They all agreed….so that was 4 months of the calendar paid for! Now to get the rest…and a venue to launch the calendar. After approaching businesses in our town we ended up with 36 sponsors! Our ladies were excited as our biggest shopping centre in the town wanted to be part of our calendar! This really gave the ladies a boost! We even had businesses that have paid for the photography, the balloons, and the coasters on the night of our launch. Then we found a young enthusiastic photographer, Carly, who agreed to take our photos. She did so with great professionalism and consideration that the ladies were really out of their comfort zone doing these shots! We posed for photos all over the town and countryside…… in car parks, cafes, dirt roads, shopping centres, building sites……….all with great humour …. and maybe a few wines! During this time we started to approach people to come to our launch. One of our sponsors, Brothers Leagues Club gave us a room for free but it soon became apparent that we couldn’t fit in to their function room as we got over 300 people wanting to come! After much angst we moved the venue to the “Canteen area” underneath the Clubhouse so we could accommodate these numbers. What a wonderful night where we ‘unveiled’ the posters of each month and launched our calendar. We have sold all the calendars in a month of the launch and have raised over $20,000 in this venture! Quota International of Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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