"All in the Family"

  • June 27, 2012

"All in the Family"


"All in the Family"

Linda Vickers and Debbie Garber

Appeared in Winchester Star Newspaper June 27, 2012 Linda Vickers and Debbie Garber were recognized in May with Quota International of Winchester’s highest awards. Linda was awarded Quota International Volunteer of the Year 2011 for her efforts as chairman of Quota of Winchester’s Kitchen Kapers fundraising project, and recognized in Quota’s International “We Share” publication. Debbie Garber was awarded Winchester’s Quotarian of the Year for her contributions to the local club. Debbie initiated the annual Easter basket drive and Keep the Children Warm Drive, campaigns for those less fortunate in the community. Linda and Debbie, who are related, have contributed hundreds of hours to the local community on behalf of Quota International of Winchester. Debbie was Linda's sponsor and Linda is Debbie's Aunt.

Date Taken
District Conference April, 2012
Joyce Mull

Entered By:
Debbie Garber
June 27, 2012

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