Providing Support to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

  • April 4, 2012

Providing Support to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

April 4, 2012

Quota International of Winchester, VA

In 2011, when Quota International of Winchester, VA’s, Committee for the Hearing Impaired faced the task of fulfilling their mission of “ . . . providing support to deaf/hearing impaired children and youth in need through financial assistance as well as promoting awareness regarding the prevention and detection of hearing loss,” they found themselves in a challenging situation. Because Quota International/We Share Foundation was no longer partnering with Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc., there were no substantial funds available for significant needs such as hearing aids. The committee, consisting of Cindy North, Chair; Gloria Collins, Co-chair; Kay Bennett, Lynda Ingle and Estelle Sanzenbacher, decided to take matters into their own hands.

Each time the group met, their plan of action seemed to escalate. First, there was the requisition of budgetary funds from their local board for the operational costs of the committee. They were delighted to be awarded the full amount of their request. (The wonders of successful fundraisers never cease to amaze those who utilize their spoils!) The committee decided to gather and organize information as a compilation of resources ranging from community audiologists to state agencies that provided services and/or financial assistance. In addition, a network of local entities, i.e., school systems and civic organizations, was begun to provide collaboration among those willing to pool their resources and monies for the good of the cause.

The committee designed and implemented a local application to be completed by families of hearing impaired candidates who wished to be considered for financial assistance. Having submitted a copy of their application to We Share Foundation contacts at Quota International, the committee was encouraged to not only submit an article for the Club News page of Quota International, Inc.’s website but to also provide other Quota clubs access to the same application for their use.

Currently Quota International of Winchester has successfully “intervened” by providing continuous support over a period of months to a local family until the family was able to obtain financial aid through state medical assistance. The Committee for the Hearing Impaired, along with a local school system and another civic organization, provided constant support through numerous contacts and words of encouragement offered during this process. Although Quota will not actually pay for the kindergartener’s hearing aids, Quota DID make it possible for him to receive medical treatment in the meantime and keep the family “afloat.”

With 2011’s list of tasks completed, what will 2012 bring? Hopefully, Quota International of Winchester, VA, will be given more opportunities to assist those in their community who are in need as well as to continue collaboration with local professionals and organizations. They will reach out and speak out in order to do what they do best – serve. Please visit Quota International of Winchester, VA at &#010

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