Stacey Caskey-Coblentz of Quota International of Wooster, Ohio , USA

  • January 23, 2012

Stacey Caskey-Coblentz of Quota International of Wooster, Ohio , USA


Stacey Caskey-Coblentz

Quota International of Wooster, Ohio , USA

Stacey has been a member of Quota International of Wooster for three years.  She resides in Burbank, Ohio with her husband and two children, Leah and Kellus.  She also has three step children and six grandchildren.  Stacey loves family and stays busy by running her children to to sports events which include, for Leah cheerleading and for Kellus baseball.  She is employed at Wayne Insurance Group as an underwriter.  She is also active in her church and enjoys assisting with Sunday school or the Quiz program.

With all that she does with her family and work life Stacey still has put Quota in her life.  She has served the Wooster Quota Club as the Co-Show director for our annual fundraiser “Quota Idol” for the past two years, 2010 and 2011.  This role assists the directors and coordinates hair, makeup, auditions, and acts as contestant liaison for the show.  Along with the responsibility of “Quota Idol” Stacey also serves as the committee chair for the Community Committee which has already completed several projects this year including collecting items for a project started by a local high school for our service men and women aka “Enduring Freedom Fighters”, contacted local school districts to help needy families with Thanksgiving and Christmas which include delivering a holiday meal and at Christmas delivering a meal and gifts, the committee is now working on making baskets for the local women’s shelter.  Stacey is also the chair for the Historian Committee which keeps the history of the Wooster Club by logging pictures, correspondence, and scrapbooking items for the club.

Stacey was an easy choice for Volunteer of the Year for the Wooster Club and we are proud and blessed to have her as a member.

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