Marilou B. Garbes of Quota International of Pampanga, Pampanga, Philippines

  • January 23, 2012

Marilou B. Garbes of Quota International of Pampanga, Pampanga, Philippines

Marilou B. Garbes

Quota International of Pampanga, Pampanga, Philippines

I respectfully nominate Marilou B. Garbes to be the volunteer of the year for Quota International of Pampanga for the following reasons:

Since she became a member of QIPampanga in 2001, she has been an active member of the club, joining almost all activities and projects until she became president after a year, in Quota year 2002- 2003 .At that time, she is a well-known figure in social, civic, and business affairs in the City of San Fernando and the province of Pampanga as she has been serving other non govt organizations then, like the Rotary Club of Central Pampanga, Inner Wheel Club Of Dolores, Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines (REBAP) Pamp Chapter, an association of professional licensed brokers,  El Circulo Fernandino, a social club in the City of San Fernando, Club Capampangan, a social club embracing the whole province of Pampanga, PTA of St. Scholasticas Academy, PTA of Don Bosco Academy, where she all served as President; current VP of the Chamber Of Real Estate &Builders’ Asso. Inc. (CREBA) Pampanga chapter, current Corporate Secretary of Pampanga Chamber of Commerce Inc. (PAMCHAM) consisting of close to 500 business establishments in Pampanga. Her membership to these various organizations however did not lessen her devotion & dedication to the cause of Quota & its mission & vision & advocacies. After her stint as president, she served as treasurer to PP Dette Galang & co-chaired the first terakathon (dance marathon ) fund raising of QIP on Nov.27,2007  at SMPamp Event Center which netted close to PhP 200,000.00.Served. as treasurer again to PP Vilma Caluag & co-chaired the second Terakathon fund raising of QIP on Sept .04, 2009 which netted close to PhP 459,710.50..It was also during PP Vilma’s term when Typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila & the provinces of Bulacan & Pampanga and immediately, together with PP Vilma & PP Luchi, she gathered PAMCHAM, CLTV36 & the different Rotary clubs, Jaycees & other NGOs & organized Operation Tulong (a telethon fund raising) wherein in 3 hours they were able to raise close to 1 M pesos in cash & pledges ; this was a fund raising relief operation activity done & finished in 19 days from Sept 27 to October 16, 2009 . Total funds raised-PhP1,545,280.00 & truckloads of used clothes ,food items ( in kind);  total number of beneficiaries- 5,349 families in Pampanga & 2000 families in Quezon City c/o Mayor Belmonte. Again, co- chaired the 2nd QIP Invitational Golf Tournament on Nov .04, 2010 at Mimosa Golf & Country Club in Clarkfield, Pampanga during the term of  PP Myra Manabat where she served as club secretary ; said fund raising netted close to PhP 250,000.00’which served as seed money for PP Myra’s projects for the SPED students of Pampanga High School like the repair of the school bldg, toilets, computers & continuing education programs for 2 SPED teachers.

During the term of Pres .May B. Shilton she spearheaded the Photo Exhibit & Fashion Show ( by grandmother Quotarians) in celebration of Grandparents ‘ Day in cooperation of SM Pampanga. This showcased the grandmother Quotarians and promoted Quota Intl in the community giving it a big mileage in the tri media , DWRW, Sunstar Pampanga & CLTV 36 which media always provide coverage in all activities of QIP.This year during the term of Pres Jeng Bonifacio where she is again the club treasurer, she sponsored supplemental feeding for 250 indigent children at Brgy Pulu Maragul, Angeles City ;  actively participated in all activities of  Kapampangan Development Foundation hosting meals for the volunteers at the Free Mother & Child Clinic at Jesus Datu Hospital, Bacolor ,Pampanga  every 2nd Friday of the month ; joined the World Community Service at Haven, ( a DSWD Reception Center fr disadvantaged women ) in Magalang, Pampanga .

PP Marilou B.Garbes never failed to join the annual national conventions and always participated in the presentations/ competitions and a very friendly person, she knows so many Quotarians in the district, a friend of many PDF’s & past district officers.

Among the past presidents, she has been one of the most visible who never failed to support whoever is the incumbent President. She is one person with such big heart and I know deep in her heart belongs Quota.

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