Laura Herman of Quota International of Traverse City, Michigan, USA

  • January 23, 2012

Laura Herman of Quota International of Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Laura Herman

Laura Herman

Quota International of Traverse City, Michigan, USA


Laura is married to Todd Herman and has two teenage daughters.  She has been a member of Quota International of Traverse City since 2001.

She has worked at RM Young Company for 23 years.  Laura was born in Holland, Michigan, but has lived most of her life in Traverse City.

Laura has a bright bubbly personality, with long beautiful blond hair. Whenever a task needs done Laura is right in front leading us.  There is not a challenge that Laura wouldn’t help with.

When her Aunt Carol Stevens was Governor, Laura served as District 20’s Secretary Treasure traveling around the District when Governor Carol made  her club visits.

She attended two international conventions in Australia and Toronto Canada with Governor Carol. She has attended many District 20 Conferences and served as Traverse City’s Delegate.

Laura was our club Treasurer for seven years. Laura has helped with every fund raiser our club has undertaken, with much enthusiasm. She baked cookies and helped with our Christmas Cookie sale.

Laura has helped with all our fundraisers, including, golf outing, craft sales, Attic Art, yard sales, membership drives and helped put on the District 20 Conference when it was held in Traverse City.

Laura and her husband Todd have also been active in the National Cherry Festival held every year in July. Of course, she always gets her family to help with all events!!

But…………Laura’s best event was when she spearheaded our first Festival of Cakes  Decorating Contest held in November 2011 at the Park Place Hotel.  This fundraiser was a great success largely because of Laura’s leadership.  Yes she had a committee, but we could not have pulled it off without her chairing it.  We made $5,000 for our Foundation.

She enlisted her two daughters and their friends to be our Cupcake Security.  Laura designed their pink tee-shirts that had “Cupcake Security” printed on them.  We are hopeful that this may result in our first Youth Club.

In the dictionary if you look under the word volunteer, I’m sure you would see Laura’s picture.  We are proud of Laura and proud to select her as our Volunteer of the Year.

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