Bess Whitaker of Cupertino Quota, Cupertino, California, USA

  • January 17, 2012

Bess Whitaker of Cupertino Quota, Cupertino, California, USA

Bess Whitaker

Bess Whitaker

Cupertino Quota, Cupertino, California, USA

QI of Cupertino is proud to nominate Quotarian Bess Whitaker as our Volunteer of the Year–still an active Quotarian as she turns 91 years young this year on Feb. 6, two years to the day after Quota was “born.”

Bess joined the now-defunct Sunnyvale club in 1980 and served as District 12 Governor during her membership there. She then transferred to Cupertino Quota in 2005 and has been our club treasurer ever since, keeping our accounts in proper order and making all the membership aware of the financial aspects of Quota International and locally.

She still is employed full time at the same realty company where she started 50 years ago and yet finds time to participate actively in club activities, particularly those which are service related.  She loves Quota and enjoys attending local, district, area, and international events, which gives her, also, the chance to travel–another favorite activity.

Besides Quota, Bess’ loves are her family, her church, and the organization Widows & Widowers, where she met her special friend with whom she still went dancing in her “famous” high-heeled red shoes until last year.  She often travels, most recently enjoying a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.

For us in Cupertino Quota, Bess is a wonderful mentor and role model, always cheerful with a friendly word for everyone. Bess really exhibits the true spirit of Quota giving, as exemplified, particularly, in her donations to the Wanda Frey Joiner fund. 

We’re proud of Bess, of all she does, and that she’s a Cupertino Quotarian–and we look forward to celebrating her birthday at the same time as Quota’s.

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