Dr. Clemencia “Lily” Gatpolintan of Quota Cebu, Cebu, Philippines

  • January 16, 2012

Dr. Clemencia “Lily” Gatpolintan of Quota Cebu, Cebu, Philippines

Dr. Clemencia "Lily" Gatpolintan

Dr. Clemencia “Lily” Gatpolintan

Quota Cebu, Cebu, Philippines

Lily as she is fondly called joined Quota Cebu in October 2007.

She has been an active member and always find ways in promoting the programs and activities of Quota especially on the Hearing Impaired.

Lily is the main organizer of the Negros Oriental Branch, which was established in November 2011 with eight (8) members.  All the members of the Branch are her students in Special Education with special focus on the Hearing Impaired.

Aside from recruiting the eight (8) members, she also was the sponsor of a number of current and active members of Quota Cebu such as Dr. Araceli Mercado and Dr. Aida Castro.

Lily is also very active with the Committee on Hearing Impaired especially our new project “Providing Job Opportunities to the Hearing Impaired”.  She provided the probable employees with special training so that once they will be deployed/hired, they will not encounter any difficulty and at the same time, the prospective employers will be satisfied with the performance of our HI.

Even prior to joining Quota Cebu, Lily has been actively participating in the programs and activities of Quota.  When Quota Cebu established the First High School for Hearing Impaired in 1982, Lily was the first teacher and coordinator of the School.  When the school was adopted by the Department of Education and absorbed our teaching staff, Lily was appointed as it first principal.

Lily took care of all the graduates of the School and assisted in finding job employment.  She is instrumental in our partnership with Dunkin’ Donut and also, in the employment of the graduates at Orange Brutus Restaurant.

Lily is also instrumental in the participation of Quota Cebu in the Shatter Silence Activity every December 8.  She has been our activity coordinator and made sure our HI Students are able to participate in the aforesaid annual event.

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