Valentina Engelhardt of Quota International of Curaçao, –, Curaçao

  • January 15, 2012

Valentina Engelhardt of Quota International of Curaçao, –, Curaçao

Valentina Engelhardt

Valentina Engelhardt

Quota International of Curaçao, –, Curaçao

In November 2010 the Hearing and Speech committee, project leader Valentina Engelhardt, started executing its plans. Members from all ages were involved in the committee that worked as a united, enthusiastic team.

24 brass band members + leaders were tested by Dr. Maria; only 4 passed. December 2010 Quota joined 40 H.A.G. (hearing & speech impaired foundation) members for Christmas celebration at MCB Bank at Scharloo. Everyone received a gift from Quota.

Just after New Year’s celebration the Hearing Awareness Campaign started. Letters for donations were sent to a lot of companies. Quota visited Minister of Health Jacintha Constancia. A TV jingle donated by Ike Jesurun was played on radio stations. The TV spot donated by Harry Diaz and Edwin Oleana was broadcasted on TV station TeleCuraçao.

Chervis Cordilia once more designed a poster and Mark Seferina ordered 10,000 earplugs from China.

Quota visited radio and TV stations for interviews during youth parade election of carnival Queen, Prince & Pancho; 3,000 earplugs were donated. More earplugs were donated to children of the carnival parade at Bandabou.

Quota was visible in the youth parade: 25 teenagers from the committee were dressed in Quota T-shirts and wore big ears with earplugs. Quota’s slogan on its poster and T-shirt: “I take care of my ears, and you?” Earplugs were sold for 1 Guilder along the route.

Approx. 12 students of the island’s University did a research on the wearing of earplugs under guidance of Mr. Keith Carlo.

This committee, under leadership of Valentina, did a very good job, was creative in raising funds for the campaign and H&S projects, like a symposium for stakeholders. From this symposium we received applications from visitors who wanted to join Quota.

Quota was put in the spotlight and awareness was brought to the community.

We are proud to present Valentina Engelhardt as our volunteer of the year.


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