Heather Sidloski of Quota International of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • January 15, 2012

Heather Sidloski of Quota International of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Heather Sidloski

Quota International of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

Heather joined our club as a young single businesswoman in 1995. Our club- Quota International of Weyburn- has celebrated her marriage to Kevin and the birth of their four beautiful children. Even with the committments of raising her young family, Heather has remained a Quotarian, serving on every committee as well as serving as club president.

In addition to her contributions to the community through her club, Heather serves on the School Community Council (6 years), the Weyburn Music Festival (7 years) and serves as a Classroom volunteer (7 years). Previously, Heather served 10 years on the Caravan Society (Weyburn’s Handicap Bus Service).

Of particular note our club is very grateful for Heather’s computer and photography skills which we can always count on. She makes us look good with computer presentations, posters and programs for our various club projects and with our submissions to Quota International We Share Foundation.

When you ask Heather what Quota means to her she answers, “Quota is a balance. On the “service” side, as a Quotarian I give my time and energy. On the “receiving side, I receive the gift of lasting friendships I have with the women in our club and I am proud to be associated with Quota and all the projects we are involved with both locally and internationally- to be making a difference”.

Heather is the gal in our club who everyone wants on their committee. We value her skills, her youth, her common sense and above all her kindness. She is our club’s unanimous vote for Volunteer of the Year.

Thank you Heather!

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