Pauline Plant of QI of Lower Clarence, NSW, Australia

  • January 11, 2012

Pauline Plant of QI of Lower Clarence, NSW, Australia

Pauline Plant

Pauline Plant

QI of Lower Clarence, NSW, Australia

Pauline has been a member since 2010 and has become a very special member of our club.She is a quiet achiever; one who is always there to help whatever the task is. She is the chair of Community Service and uses her knowledge of community needs to help others.

Since contracting breast cancer and having ongoing treatment, Pauline has worked tirelessly to:

·  Set up the Yamba Breast Cancer Support Group in March 2003.

·  Develop and present \” The Breast Awareness Program \” to women’s groups  and senior female high school students,

·  Volunteer at local aged care facility,

·  Organise the knitting of jumpers for World Vision and an Aboriginal community,

·  Knit underarm cushions for breast cancer patients and beanies for those having chemotherapy,

·  Knit babies booties and beanies for “premmie” babies,

·  Knit squares for “Wraps with Love”, assisting people in need,

·  Collect and distribute much needed items for women and children at women’s refuges,

·  Collect and distribute “Pamper Packs” for community mental health programs.

With her wonderful husband Tony, Pauline helps keep the local environment clean and tidy with their daily cleanup walk and works at the local church community shop. Pauline is a community representative on the Clarence Valley Advisory Health Committee and the North Coast Community Advisory Council Committee.

Because of her tireless work for Quota and in the community, our members chose to honour Pauline and her work by presenting her with our club’s inaugural Marie Sullivan Q brooch in 2011.


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