Beryl Moore of QI Moss Vale, NSW, Australia

  • January 11, 2012

Beryl Moore of QI Moss Vale, NSW, Australia

Beryl Moore

Beryl Moore

QI Moss Vale, NSW, Australia

A member of Moss Vale Quota for 31 years Beryl has volunteered in the community for 66 years, starting at the age of 12 helping at her Sunday school in the small village of Wingello.

Beryl has held all club positions including the chairing of many committees and assuming the role of President on several occasions.

Her passion for Quota, its aims and ideals and her own attention to detail has meant Moss Vale has an excellent historical which she continues to maintain. Beryl is proud of the club’s successes and achievements over 56 years.

She has represented Moss Vale Quota for many years serving Meals on Wheels and today remains the roster coordinator for her St Johns Church group. 

A willing volunteer with all club projects, Beryl’s particular interests include finding ways to raise funds for the club’s international service projects and researching our guest speaker.  She delights in organising the regular street raffles and rosters to support our local charities.

Beryl is always prepared to organise and assist in any way and is only too happy to do more than her share when it comes to ensuring a project is successful.  A supporter of new ideas and ensuring new members are made welcome, Beryl is comfortable in the role of mentor.  She is a popular club member who enjoys the fun and friendship of other Quotarians.

Her other volunteer interests have included active membership in CWA (Country Women’s Association), hands-on participation on Clean Up Australia Day, taking her elderly neighbour to the doctor each week, is on church committees organising fetes and providing beautiful floral arrangements each week.

As her granddaughter points out, some of Beryl’s selfless years began with the birth of her third child who needed her mother’s special care for 50 years.

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