Sandra Carr

  • January 10, 2012

Sandra Carr

Entered By: Susan Pryke — Quota International of Narooma Inc

10 January 2012

Sandra Carr

Sandra Carr — Quota International of Narooma Inc — Narooma NSW Australia

Date of Death: 12 November 2012

Sandra Carr 15 February 1942—12 November 2012 Sandra joined Quota International of Narooma in February 1995 and soon showed she had the enthusiasm and talent to make Quota projects shine brightly in Narooma. A willing worker and organiser, she accepted responsibility for whatever task needed doing. She was chairperson of most committees at one time or another, and often held the post of minute secretary or correspondence secretary. She became president in 1999-2000, and accepted the job again in 2010-2011, even though her health was not the best at the time. Sadly, Sandra passed away on 12 November 2011, leaving a void that is hard to replace. Sandra gave so much of herself, not just to Quota but to the community as a whole. She nurtured and supported the Narooma Swimming Club for 40 years and was a familiar face at swim meets across the region. As a former teacher, she continued to take an interest in the lives of those she taught over the years at Narooma Primary School. Some of our Quota members, in fact, were Sandra’s pupils in earlier days. She played a key role in the establishment of the Quota sensory garden along the foreshore of Wagonga Inlet. She valued the time spent preparing Friday meals at the Narooma Youth Café and was an excellent resource on matters relating to club history and policy. She was a great mentor to new members, ensuring that everyone felt welcomed and appreciated. She created “star” awards to recognize members for their special contributions. Her inspirational messages are treasured keepsakes. Professional, capable, and passionate about issues of community well-being, Sandra was able to affect change in a positive way. She will be greatly missed.

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