Jennifer Peters of Camden Haven, NSW, Australia

  • January 10, 2012

Jennifer Peters of Camden Haven, NSW, Australia

Jennifer Peters

Jennifer Peters

Camden Haven, NSW, Australia

Jenny Peters joined Quota 21 years ago.

During that time she has held all executive positions, President, Secretary and Treasurer. In 2011-12 Jenny is acting as the club social director, welfare officer and she  contributes greatly to the fellowship and fun within our club. Her home is a regular venue for our social evenings.

Jenny runs her own business, but where possible joins in service activities, particularly in our fund raising efforts including acting as a model  in our yearly fashion parade.

Jenny is a member of Camden Haven Chamber of Commerce and this membership involves time and commitment to community activities. Jenny has decorated floats, been in parades, won prizes for decorating her business window and distributed water at triathlons. Jenny displays great service to the community and the contacts she has within the business community are a great asset to our club.

Jenny’s service does not just relate to our community. Her membership of Rotary International has seen her take on may roles including community service director.

She is the co-ordinator of a Rotary project which collects, packs and distributes baby bundles to an island in Vanuatu, as well as school packs for children on the same island.

Jenny is a valued member of QI Camden Haven Club because of her willingness to contribute to service activities within the constraints of her business life. Her friendly, happy nature lifts any club gathering.

We are proud to nominate Jenny as our Club Volunteer of the Year.

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