Heather Wykes of Quota International of Forster Tuncurry, NSW, Australia

  • January 9, 2012

Heather Wykes of Quota International of Forster Tuncurry, NSW, Australia

Heather Wykes

Heather Wykes

Quota International of Forster Tuncurry, NSW, Australia

Quota International of Forster/Tuncurry Inc.

District 28

QI. Forster/Tuncurry is proud to nominate Quotarian Heather Wykes as our Volunteer of the Year. We are especially delighted to recognise Heather as she is a Charter Member of our Club, and we are celebrating 25 years of service this year.

Heather has served in many different capacities during her years in Quota, including President and Secretary, and many other Board positions.

Heather’s quiet and friendly ways have been instrumental in developing the strong bonds of friendship enjoyed by our club members. Heather is always one of the first to raise her hand when volunteers are called for and she wins our hearts with her special ways of caring. For many years, Heather has organised our Forget-me-Not programme when a secret carer looks after one Member specially, and all is revealed by Heather on our Birthday Night. Heather also ensures that our monthly informal coffee morning is held for Members and for Friends of Quota.

As a member of the Speech and Hearing Committee, Heather took great pleasure in distributing the Healthy Ears Kits to our local kindergartens. She is a key worker at our annual Daffodil Day, raising funds for the Cancer Council. Heather has also been a long-term volunteer at the Library in the name of Quota.

Heather epitomizes the true spirit of Quota, and as a Charter Member she has been an inspiration and mentor to many who have joined our Club over the last 25 years. We are very proud of Heather.

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