Sundri Daswani of Quota International of Manila, Manila, Philippines

  • January 7, 2012

Sundri Daswani of Quota International of Manila, Manila, Philippines

Sundri Daswani

Quota International of Manila, Manila, Philippines

Quota International of Manila proudly nominates Sundri Daswani  for the Volunteer of the Year Award.  Sundri was introduced to Quota by her sister, former Quotarian Indra Sakrani.  She used to attend Quota functions as her sister’s guest, so she was not a new face when she joined the club in 1996 after Indra left to migrate to the U.S.  Since joining, Sundri has become a most valuable member of Quota-Manila, serving the Board as committee chair for different service projects from year to year.   

Name it, Sundri can handle the job and deliver as expected, when expected.  In recent  years, she uses the wheelchair for better mobility, but that has not in anyway made her less reliable. Need uniforms? Sundri will produce. Need gifts and prizes for raffles and give-aways?  Sundri will shop.  Need arroz caldo, bowls and spoons for soup kitchen? Sundri will cook.  Need food for Quota meetings and functions? Sundri will cater.  Need bags of assorted dry goods for giving to families at Christmas time?  Sundri will pack.  Need a ride to get to  the venue of Quota’s activity?  Sundri will provide.                                                                                                                      

Even from her wheelchair, Sundri is no less effective in networking.  She is the club’s connection to our partner organization for eye camp, providing eye-check up and free eyeglasses in depressed areas.  She made it possible for our club to receive book donations from GNOSIS International, which were in turn donated to schools and libraries.  She introduced the club to Tahanang Mapagmahal (Loving Home), years back, and the handicapped children in that home later became beneficiaries of Quota’s caring and sharing.

Sundri is all the time on the look out for opportunities for service,  and is a year-round fund-raiser for Quota among her own friends, who by now have become Quota friends as well.  A diabetic, there was a time when she was confined in hospital for a number of days.  Naturally, friends from her various associations and relatives visited.  At the Quota meeting she attended right after confinement, she turned in a good sum to the club treasurer.  Where did that come from?  She was collecting donations to Quota from her hospital visitors. And that story has been told and retold many times over as a classic example and indeed a source of inspiration in Quota circles and beyond.

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