Pratibha Chandra of Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

  • January 6, 2012

Pratibha Chandra of Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

Pratibha Chandra

Pratibha Chandra

Quota International of DLF City, Haryana, India

Quota International of DLF City has chosen Mrs. Pratibha Chandra as the VOY. She is a founder member of our club and has served the same in various capacities throughout her association with the club. She started off as the first honorary secretary of the club, followed by the vice President and finally the President in the year 2007-09. As an executive committee member for the past ten years she has worked closely with all the Presidents of our club and because of her wide ranging involvement with the club activities it would be appropriate to call her the back bone of the club.

For seven years she was in-charge of all correspondence of the club with the International body of QI, including preparation of bi-annual reports.

She has headed the brochure committee since its inception and the last four brochures have been published under her able leadership. These brochures are one of the main sources of fund raising for the club.

Currently, she is in-charge of our flagship program called project ‘Shiksha’, a tutorial center for the underprivileged children. Under her able guidance it has grown from a handful of children to as many as 90 children today. Her 18 yrs of teaching experience as a high school teacher and her love for children are equally responsible for this success. This year, in addition to regular curriculum computer classes have been added at our center, which are a great hit with the children. The children look forward to her regular visits at the center as she makes learning so much fun.

She is a great problem solver and a very active participant in all our club meetings. Her contacts with DLF Ltd. have saved our club thousands of rupees by way of arranging   club rooms for our meetings and ceremonies free of charge.

She truly deserves this honor and we are blessed to have her as a part of our team.

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