Grace Mamone of Coral Springs/Parkland, Florida, USA

  • January 6, 2012

Grace Mamone of Coral Springs/Parkland, Florida, USA

Grace Mamone

Grace Mamone

Coral Springs/Parkland, Florida, USA


Our club would like to submit the following nomination for the Volunteer of the Year Award.  This person has been an active member almost as soon as she joined.  She has worked hard through out the years and this year she really gave it her all. 

She was always there to help with the little projects and well as the big, like the gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble or the Harvest Drive for the needy.

As a single parent with a very active family, she has had her share of difficulties this year, but that has not stopped her from stepping up to co-chair the Junior Clubs and reorganize and strengthen this group of young people for the coming year. We now have The JQ Club of Coral Springs High School, the JQ Club of Coral Springs Charter School, and the Q Kidz of Westchester Elementary School.

 As a hearing person, she participated in the District project at DeafNation Expo, reaching out to those who attended, getting the word of Quota out to them and their families. She also volunteered to coach the deaf young adult basketball team, helping them to succeed in an all hearing league. She helped to organize an all-deaf men’s basketball tournament as a fund raiser for the team to raise funds to go to the national tournament in North Carolina.

She was hugely responsible for organizing our Signing Santa party, in which we had 135 deaf children (from 5 schools), come and talk to Santa in their own sign language, and perform holiday songs in sign language. The children did holiday crafts with the help of our two JQ Clubs, and our Q Kidz. We gave them all lunch and then sent them back to their schools with goody bags. An amazing undertaking that she did with a  “Through, Quota, we can” attitude!

In addition to all that, she made it possible to make the wish of an autistic girl at her school come true by working to find and get a piano donated to her at Christmas time. 

This person is a very special member of our club and her name is Grace Mammone.

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