Tish Bachmann of QI of Andover, Massachusetts, USA

  • January 5, 2012

Tish Bachmann of QI of Andover, Massachusetts, USA

Tish Bachmann

QI of Andover, Massachusetts, USA

Tish Bachmann, who is being awarded this distinction, is a woman who has given her all to Quota. She joined Quota International in March of 2007 because she found Quota to be the vehicle for her desire to help those in need in her community. She jumped into action immediately, offering to help with fundraising for our ever so important annual Gala. She came into the Club ready and willing to do anything and five years later she hasn’t stopped. She has shown beyond a doubt, that nothing was too big or too small for her to tackle.

She has improved the club’s business savvy by introducing new computer options and business contacts for streamlining procedures and building a base of support in the community. Since she has joined Quota, she has sought out grants and sponsors leading Quota to financial rewards with the Stepping Out and the Casablanca fundraisers.  She joined the Board as Secretary and has stepped up, furthering her leadership role, as our second in charge, as President-Elect. She has contributed to the club financially with Promise Trees ( personal fundraisers) through Arbonne sales and a Gold to Cash Party.

Her energy is a driving force that encourages the rest of us to jump on board. Her upbeat approach to the most difficult tasks makes it all seem so easy. Andover is so happy to have her and we know that her winning personality will attract more members to our Club.

As President Elect this year, Tish will be heading the membership drive that invites others in the area to join Quota.  In January she promoted membership growth for the Andover club with a motivational speaker ,opened to the public , at the local library. Tish is a CPA and an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International by day. \”I enjoy my business of sharing Arbonne, a botanical based skin care product, with all those I have met for the past 8 years.\”

Quota of Andover is proud to announce the name of their 2012 Volunteer of the Year, President-Elect Tish Bachmann.

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