New Quota grouped launched in Angeles City

  • October 19, 2011

New Quota grouped launched in Angeles City

Quota International of Angeles-Philippines

New Quota grouped launched in Angeles City

Quota International of Angeles newly chartered club officers, committee chairpersons and members pose with District Governor Emilie L. Simon of Quota international Inc. District 41 West Area. (L-R seated- Gloria B. Grabarsky, Dolida S. Pecson, Lucia T. Santos, Pres. Herminia I. Narciso, DG Emilie L. Simon, Herminia D. Pamintuan, Alma D. Mercado, Liza V. Mallare, Maria Candelaria B. Gomez and Felicitas B. Manalang; L-R standing- Imelda C. Gallano, Gertrudes S. Macaraeg, Loida O. Velasco, Rogeliana L. Canlas, Myra Ingrid C. Santos, Lily C. Santos, PP Segundina M. Tuquero, Ma. Theresa C. Liwanag, Remedios M. Miranda, Marilou P. Cura and Eva Z. Garcia, Estrella C. Kabigting, Imelda B. De Jesus and Mervin S. San Jose)

Quota International of Angeles was chartered and its officers and members were inducted at the Narciso School Inc. on October 10, 2011. District Governor Emilie L. Simon was the inducting officer together with PDG Marilou A. Del Rosario of QI D41. Hon. Vice Mayor Vicky Vega Cabigting gave the welcome message to all Quotarians. Mrs. Herminia D. Pamintuan who also joined the group hopes to see social programs implemented in the city with the help of Quota International of Angeles. One of the greatest dreams of Quotarian Herminia Narciso was to put up a new charter in Angeles City. She thought of the idea because of her commitment to share what she has and what she can do to extend help to improve the lives of her fellow Angelenos especially the indigents who really need attention. She was so grateful that she was given a chance and now it was fulfilled. As a founder, she was seated as the first president of the Quota International of Angeles. QI of Angeles was chartered and signaled the birth of additional member in the Quota Family.

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Ely Lobo

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Lucia T. Santos

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