Equipment for the PSD Speech Clinic

  • June 29, 2011

Equipment for the PSD Speech Clinic

Quota International of Manila South

QI of Manila South HIH Committee Turns Over Equipment To PSD QI of Manila South purchased an Audiometer and an Otoscope amounting to PhP80,000 (US$1,854) and PhP16,000 (US$370.80) respectively, from funds received for the Hand-in-Hand Program. Both items were turned over to the Philippine School for the Deaf on 14 June 2011. The donation was witnessed by D41 Gov. Emilie Simon, QIMS President Chat Scheyer, Club Sec/PDS/T Buchay Africa, CTC Chair/PDG Marilou del Rosario, PSD Principal Yolanda Capulong, PSD Speech Teacher Jenny Mendoza and the Manila Hearing Aid Company Representative Tina Pantig. Because of the donation, hearing tests and ear examinations are now available to the school’s 624 students as well as to individuals from the surrounding communities.

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Marilou del Rosario

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