Quota’s New Website

  • February 14, 2011

Quota’s New Website

Today Quota International launched its new Web Site and new online The Quotarian member magazine. Creation of the new site is part of Quota’s “Creating the Quota of Tomorrow” plan—a six-step plan designed to transform Quota International into a contemporary, forward-thinking organization that appeals to multiple generations of people who care about their communities and our world.

The new Web site consolidates the former Quota International membership Web site (www.quota.org) and its charitable Web site (www.wesharefoundation.org) into one user-friendly site.

The new Web site not only offers a new look for Quota, but permits members to go online to update membership records, read publications, make donations, and more. Quota’s new site was created by a team of professionals in marketing, graphic design, public relations, and information technology, and enhancements are expected to continue over the next two years.

The Quotarian magazine, now published online with a fresh new look, will be published twice a year, in February and August. Our pages now include links to additional online features, accessed with a simple click.

For more information, read the new issue of The Quotarian magazine, published on the new Quota home page.

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