Anna Smith

  • February 9, 2011

Anna Smith

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Anna Smith

Anna Smith — Quota International of Brisbane City — Queensland, Australia

Date of Death: January 26, 2011

PAST GOVERNOR ANNA SMITH Anna joined Quota in Murwillumbah, New South Wales in 1947 when the club was chartered as part of the 13th District and installed as its first Vice President, becoming president in the following year. She was invited to be a nominee for 24th District Governor when the 13th District was split at Grafton in 1950, but declined because of her husband’s ill health. Anna became Sec./Treasurer to Governor Ann Selwood in 1951 and during that time assisted with the extension of the Quota Club of Southport. In co-operation with her great friend Mavis McClymont, she next started extension work in Brisbane. After forming a “provisional club” as was the custom at that time, Mavis and Anna moved on to Toowoomba and Warwick and had the thrill of forming these two clubs. Due to Anna’s husband’s deteriorating health, they sold their photographic business in Murwillumbah and moved up to Brisbane, where Anna linked up with Brisbane Quotarians and old friends made previously when helping to form the club. 1959 saw the 30th District emerge at the annual conference at Southport and Anna was elected Lt. Governor under Governor Chris Purvis of Southport and the following year, 1960, became Governor. During her term as District Governor Anna had the honour of presenting Charters to the Quota Clubs of Nambour and Ipswich. This was during International Secretary Gwladys Jones term who apparently thought Anna had the necessary attributes to conduct two Governors Seminars in the years 1961 and 1962. Anna prepared the Guide Lines for instruction and personally financed all traveling and accommodation (which was naturally reimbursed by Q.I. later) and was congratulated for this effort by the President in office at the time, President Helen Agnew. Anna suffered the great loss of her husband in 1964, but encouraged by her son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter, continued her passion for Quota and in 1965 was elected President of the Brisbane Club and threw her energies into building up the membership to a total of 55. Throughout her Quota life, Anna was always interested in “Service to Girls” and Youth and it was her ambition to further promote Quota by recognition of our young womanhood, who would be our potential Quotarians. So in February 1967 she persuaded the club members to invite all high schools, colleges and convents to send a senior female student to the club’s International Birthday Dinner. 38 schools accepted the invitation and each girl was asked to introduce her school and tell of her goals for a chosen career. It was a tremendous night which made great impact and paved the way for Anna to launch the “Quota Student of the Year” Quest, which later extended into District 34. In addition to membership growth within her Brisbane club, Anna worked on District extension and presented the Charter to the Quota Club of North Brisbane on November 13th 1966. Thirteen seems to be a lucky number for extension dates, because Anna added another club to the District and presented a Charter to the Quota Club of Nundah Clayfield on the 13th May, 1967. The Student Quest, now in it’s ninth year, expanded at Anna’s persuasion to include another District, with District 35 joining and participating in the Grand Final. Throughout the years in her capacity as Chairman of the Student Quest, Anna had been regularly asked “Has Quota a club similar to ‘Rotoact’ or ‘Leos’? Of course the answer was “no”, but the message was gaining momentum, so Past Governor Mary Lambert and past Lt.Governor Pat Knight and Anna worked on the proposed idea, compiling a suggested constitution and gaining Quota International’s permission and encouragement. They were given permission to introduce the proposal at the District 30 Conference which was held at the Gold Coast in 1972. As a result, the months of planning came to fruition and the first club of its kind for Quota youth and called “Quotaset Club Brisbane Central” was chartered with 36 members. Extension has always been on Anna’s list of priorities for Quota and in answer to President Helen Turk’s theme “Growth Our First Imperative”, Anna again worked on extension across the area of Kenmore and had the satisfaction of starting a club with 41 members in June 1974. Anna was a member of the “Status of Women” executive committee for a number of years and was a local representative on U.N.A.A. (Q) Committee for International Women’s Year 1975 , chairing a sub-committee of “Sports”. Her other outside commitments included her church, where she was a member of the “Committee of Management”. She had numerous calls on her time as a “Justice of the Peace” which she describes as an effortless duty. Anna was a Life Member of the Tweed District Women’s Hockey Association and the Queensland Women’s Hockey Association as well as being a State Selector for eleven years and for several years was the State Team Manager on Tour. Over the period of Anna’s professional career in photography, she enjoyed the unique distinction of being the only woman to have been a State President of the Institute, and in this capacity a delegate to the Federal Association. She was also an Honorary member of the Professional Photographers Association of Virginia; Associate of the Institute of Australian Photographers; a Member of the Professional Photographers of America and served as the Treasurer of the Queensland Professional Photographers Association. Anna passed away a member of Quota International of Brisbane City at the age of 104 years, 5 months and was a passionate member of Quota International for 64 years.

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