Quota Shares and Cares at Caribbean Carnival

  • January 28, 2011

Quota Shares and Cares at Caribbean Carnival

Carnival is a colorful festival enjoyed throughout the world each year. The celebration in the Caribbean country of Aruba attracts thousands of visitors for the exciting event-filled days on the island, complete with music and parades.

But the high volume is causing problems. While residents can handle the high volume of tourists that boosts the local economy, the decibel level is becoming a serious worry. “Those participating in the Carnival parades and those watching them experience severe and irreversible damage to their hearing,” explains Aruba Quota member Diana Werleman.

Quotarians distribute earplugs to children participating in the balloon parade.

In response, the Aruba Quota club launched an earplug campaign on the island to distribute earplugs throughout Carnival and to raise consciousness about hearing health. “We will also try to convince music bands not to use a high volume because of the damage loud music does to our ears,” Diana adds.

Carnival musicians are shown here wearing earplugs. The club has worked hard to convince musicians to protect their hearing health.

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