Quota Clubs Work Together to Celebrate Successful Women

  • January 28, 2011

Quota Clubs Work Together to Celebrate Successful Women

The Quota clubs of Monroe and West Monroe celebrate success among local women who balance career, home, family, and church and/or community service and make invaluable contributions towards improving life for the people of the area surrounding Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.A. The clubs now join forces for a longtime Monroe club program to name a local Woman of the Year, providing recognition for deserving women and raising awareness of Quota International work in the community.

Each year, nominations arrive for a panel of judges to consider, along with testimonials written about the women by friends, co-workers, employers, and volunteers with whom they serve. The judges, including a past award recipient, review dossiers and interview nominees to determine a winner.

All nominees are recognized at a banquet and receive certificates, bouquets, and a copy of a video produced by the club that showcases each of them. In addition, the winner receives a statuette and a pin and returns the following year as keynote speaker. The mayor and local police offer proclamations about the winner for added recognition.

The event supports itself through nomination fees and ticket sales. Any profits from a given year remain in the Woman of the Year account to pay for the future events.

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