Central Oregon Quota Club Improves Medical Care

  • January 28, 2011

Central Oregon Quota Club Improves Medical Care

When the Quota club of Central Oregon learned of a grassroots effort to establish a free clinic in their area, members voted to donate proceeds from their biggest fund-raiser to the cause. By involving the beneficiary in the event planning, the group significantly increased their impact.

For the past two years, Quota has assisted Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), medical personnel and other volunteers who care for local disadvantaged families free of charge. For the first event, VIM provided names and addresses from the medical community that more than doubled the usual mailing list for the annual Christmas Auction and heightened media interest in the event.

Following the first well-attended event, Quota presented VIM with a check for U.S.$11,600. Last year, the club donated over U.S.$10,000 to VIM and sponsored a room in the new clinic building, slated to open in March 2004. Each Quota effort earned a prominent “thank you” from VIM in the local paper.

VIM Executive Director Christine Waters notes, “The women who coordinate this event are amazing!”

In addition to volunteer medical personnel, clinic volunteers—including Quota members—help screen patients, cover the front desk, assist in the dispensary, provide interpreting services, and help out as needed. For more information on VIM, see their website at www.vim-cascades.org.

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