Baton Rouge Quota Club Supports Teen Mothers

  • January 28, 2011

Baton Rouge Quota Club Supports Teen Mothers

The Baton Rouge Quota club sponsors a Quota Room at a local teen learning center for children and their teenaged parents. The Istrouma Teen Learning Center was the first of its kind in the greater Baton Rouge area, offering a safe environment for young children and an opportunity for better early childhood development, while providing parenting and tutoring options for teens. With the center’s help, more than 90% of teens involved in the program complete their high school educations.

The bright, cheery Quota Room includes toys and child-sized furnishings, including a low sink for instruction and practice in proper hand-washing technique. The room’s focal point is a loft that the children love. “We had been dreaming of owning one of these lofts for years,” notes the center’s director, Charlotte Provenza. “Thanks to the generosity of these Quota members, we have one that gets lots of use every day! I wish you could see the children’s faces to show you how much this contribution means to them.”

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