Unique Family Service in Saskatchewan

  • January 27, 2011

Unique Family Service in Saskatchewan

The Quota club of Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, created a unique program that makes families happy—a toy lending library! The club donates Can.$500 annually to the local library for new toys that kids can take home for two weeks at a time. Parents and children from all socioeconomic backgrounds use the service. It allows kids to try new toys and, by the time interest wanes, it’s time to return it to the library.

As one parent commented, “There are certain toys that kids always want, but parents can only tolerate them, usually due to the noise factor, for a couple of weeks. This way, everyone is happy!”

The club recently donated more than $2,000 to the library towards a redesign project in the children’s section. New features include child-level shelving, child-sized furniture, and a toy cupboard.

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