Partnerships Create New Chances to Share in Australia

  • January 27, 2011

Partnerships Create New Chances to Share in Australia

By joining forces with other organizations in service, Quota clubs bring many hands together for important work while sharing their Quota spirit. Three clubs in Australia recently had this GREAT IDEA and found partners in caring and sharing in their communities.

Quota of Nambour, Queensland, which Service Director Audrey Lyttle says is a dedicated club, helped clean up the Nambour Railway Station for “Clean Up Australia Day,” but they were not alone. Members of the Nambour Chamber of Commerce, Police Citizen’s and Youth Club of Nambour High School, and the Waverley Palmwoods Masonic Lodge joined the effort. All these hands together made short work of a subway station covered in graffiti and grime. Somehow, they even made tiling from the 1960s shine!

Quota of Goulburn, New South Wales, found their partnership in an existing GREAT IDEA—Relay for Life. The Cancer Council in New South Wales promoted the event in the community as a way to defeat cancer, lessening its impact on local families immediately and, ultimately, finding cures that make cancer curable. Goulburn Quotarians not only catered for a full 24 hours during the walk/run baton relay, members of all ages took part in the relay itself. They were also very visible—thanks to the large Q’s embroidered on their relay shirts, another GREAT IDEA that caused many racers to ask about Quota and its work.

In another part of New South Wales, Quota of Bateman’s Bay, built a partnership with an organization called Life Without Borders (LWB). At first the Quotarians donated equipment and funds to this group’s work with disabled clients of varying mobility, but after meeting with the activities coordinator, the Quotarians discovered that LWB needed more than just supplies. Their GREAT IDEA was to turn this partnership into hands-on service, and ever since, club members have spent Tuesday mornings hosting scrap-booking classes for LWB clients, many of whom are non-verbal and all of whom have some form of mobility impairment. These Quotarians are helping these folks in need get the most out of their lives, a mission Quota shares with Life Without Borders. What a perfect partnership!

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