On the Move in Lower Clarence

  • January 27, 2011

On the Move in Lower Clarence

After two years of fund-raising and a hefty grant, the Lower Clarence Quota club in New South Wales, Australia, moved ahead with a special service project for their waterside community—providing a beach wheelchair for disabled residents.

The effort began with a District 24 Birthday Fund award of Aus.$1,000. The club organized movie nights, a travel night, and fashion parades to generate the remaining Aus.$2,700 toward the special wheelchair, which is now housed in a central location and available at no charge to anyone in the shire who needs it—tourists included!

“As we live in an area with many ocean and river beaches,” explains past club president Suzanne Monin, “a wheelchair that can be pushed directly onto the sand was sorely needed to give equitable access for those with mobility problems.”

On a warm autumn afternoon, three club members met with the first person to use the special vehicle—a local 24-year-old woman who “loves” the beach, but has very limited mobility. Club members strapped her into the chair and escorted her to Turner’s Beach. “She laughed and giggled all the way from the car park to the sand,” says Suzanne.

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