Lorain Quota Club Purchases Testing Equipment

  • January 27, 2011

Lorain Quota Club Purchases Testing Equipment

The non-profit Children’s Developmental Center in Lorain County, Ohio, helps families address various learning needs of growing children, regardless of their ability to pay for those services. When the center’s executive director, Thomas Miller, wanted to improve audiological services, he knew where to turn—he contacted the local Quota club!

Miller said the center wanted to install an oto-acoustic emissions testing machine (OEM) that checks the function of tiny hairs in the cochlea. The faint sound made by the hairs in response to sound is called the oto-acoustic emission. Audiologists can get a better idea of hearing health in very young children with an OEM because results do not depend on a child’s cooperation during the test.

So, Miller asked the Quota club of Lorain to provide half of the funds needed to buy the device. “But I had no idea where we would get the rest of the money!” Miller laughed. “Then the Quota club surprised us—they paid for the whole thing in honor of our 50th anniversary here at the center. We never could have gotten this machine in place so quickly if Quota hadn’t stepped up to the plate.”

Mackenzie Siters has her hearing tested with equipment purchased by QI of Lorain at the Lorain, Ohio, Children's Development Center.

The Lorain club provided nearly U.S.$4,500 for the OEM from their annual Singing Angels fundraiser, a holiday concert held in the restored Lorain Palace each December. The renowned youth chorus from Cleveland draws a large family crowd in what has become a local tradition, thanks to Quota.

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