Junior Quota Clubs Mentor Youth

  • January 27, 2011

Junior Quota Clubs Mentor Youth

Quotarians are known for their spirit of sharing throughout their communities. A ceaseless commitment to service, as well as a lot of fellowship and fun, keeps them feeling young and eager to share their vision. And who better to share it with than the next generation—an energetic group that seeks to serve but needs the mentoring that Quotarians can offer? By connecting Quotarians with young people, particularly youth from disadvantaged circumstances, Junior Quota Clubs do just that.
Junior Quota Clubs are service clubs for high school- and college-aged young people. Individual Quota clubs mentor and guide clubs, but also give those clubs responsibility in their own governance, projects, and financial management. In doing so, junior members develop leadership skills, build friendships, and have the opportunity to do meaningful service work while knowing that they are part of an international vision of sharing. Their experience as junior Quotarians will help them to develop a sense of commitment to service and to Quota.
The benefits of sponsoring a Junior Quota Club are tremendous. The sponsoring club experiences an influx of youthful energy and perspective that can strengthen programs and add a new dynamic to events. In addition, working with youth might just be THE Quota benefit some of your Quota members become passionate about, increasing the pleasure they get from their Quota membership. And, junior members share Quota’s vision with a new community that is typically beyond the reach of a Quota club comprised of adults.

This month, Quota International is proud to announce the launch of Web-based resources for clubs interested in mentoring young people—a very special service project—through Junior Quota Clubs. We encourage you to use them and consider the many ways both your club and local youth, particularly those in need or at risk, could benefit from this innovative program.

To learn more about this very special service project sponsored by Quota’s We Share Foundation and how you can launch a junior club youth mentoring program in your Quota community, click here.

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