Head-to-Toe Help Provides Hope for Children in Need

  • January 27, 2011

Head-to-Toe Help Provides Hope for Children in Need

From the tip of their tongues to the soles of their feet, sixty-eight children of Harong Kan Sagrada Familia, a center for the multi-disabled, were given some special treats. First, the Quota club of Legazpi-Mayon provided each child with some new clothes; then, to make it more of a celebration, the garments and footwear were distributed at a party where every child’s favorite meal—fried chicken—was served.

Club members measured each child’s feet for the exact shoe size, since every youngster will be given a pair of new slippers. For children who live in a world of suffering, receiving a pair of well-fitting shoes gives the message that there are people who love them as well as care for their needs.

For young Nino Bersabe, the day had special significance. The eight-year old, who was orphaned at a young age, received a modern and compact hearing-aid. The fourth of eight siblings, Nino now has an easier time communicating with his family and friends.

In the first 15 months since the Quota club of Legazpi-Mayon chartered, membership has increased from 15 to 36 members. This active group has embarked on a total of nine service projects ranging from a symposium on deaf awareness, the awarding of hearing aids, a magic show for children, to visiting incarcerated adults. These Quota members embody their creed of humility in service, love for others, and inner beauty.

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