Hamilton’s Healthy Breakfasts

  • January 27, 2011

Hamilton’s Healthy Breakfasts

The information Web site for Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, describes Quota International in this way: “This service club develops good fellowship, good will, and justice as well as emphasizes [the] dignity of all useful occupations.” Nothing proves the Hamilton Quota club’s dedication to building good will in their community more than their support of a breakfast program at Hess Street School, located in an old and impoverished part of town now populated with immigrants from diverse cultures.
The program provides a full breakfast every morning for the entire school. That in itself is a GREAT IDEA, because many scientific studies have proven that students need breakfast to fuel their brains for concentration in class, problem-solving, mental performance, memory, and mood. But the program offers additional benefits by recruiting students to serve as volunteers. The kids are happy to help out, and their enthusiasm strengthens the school community. Good will naturally fans out into the neighborhood and into Hamilton as well, fostering dedication to service among everyone touched by the effort.

Here is the thank-you note sent to the Hamilton Quota club by one of the youth volunteers:
Dear Friends,

Hi, my name is Neroz. I am in Grade 8 at Hess Street School. I am a Breakfast Club volunteer. I love being a Breakfast Club volunteer. It makes me happy.

Thank you very much for supporting us. Each morning, a group of Grade 6, 7, and 8 students, including myself, meets at school early to prepare breakfast for all the students. We usually come to school at 7:45 a.m. and walk to Tim Horton’s with a wagon for bagels. We make orange juice, cut up fruit, and toast the bagels. We deliver the food and drinks to the classrooms. We pour the juice into cups and then help the younger children serve themselves breakfast. We do all of these jobs before we go back to our homeroom class at 9:05. We don’t have a minute to spare—it’s very busy!

At recess, we come back to the kitchen to finish washing all the dishes, put them away in the cupboard, and then tidy the kitchen for the rest of the day.

This is my first year doing Breakfast Club. It is great! I think this is one way I can help around the school and make it a better place to be. The kids are very happy to have breakfast, and most of them thank us every day. I am sure they would thank you if they could.


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