Grand Rapids Quotarians Care about Kids

  • January 27, 2011

Grand Rapids Quotarians Care about Kids

The members of Quota International of Grand Rapids, Michigan, invest in the success of deaf and hard-of-hearing youngsters in their community in multiple ways!

Through charity golf classics, these Quotarians have raised enough money over the years to provide more than 20 Sound Field Amplification systems for classrooms at Harrison Park Elementary and Jefferson Elementary. In addition to amplifying classrooms in the Grand Rapids Public School system and providing funding for equipment in a number of Shawnee Park Elementary classrooms, Grand Rapids Quotarians volunteered to enhance the visual field of these schools as well.

Each spring for the past five years, club members have spruced up the courtyard gardens at Shawnee Park Elementary School, home of the Grand Rapids Oral Deaf Program. With planting, weeding, and watering the flower beds, the enclosed play area is a visual delight for the children. This Quota club has successfully created a feast for the senses with these two integrated club projects.

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