Evoking Images of Hearing Loss in Coral Springs/Parkland Schools

  • January 27, 2011

Evoking Images of Hearing Loss in Coral Springs/Parkland Schools

What sound would you miss most if you couldn’t hear? Nothing evokes an image of the devastating effects of hearing loss better than a child’s simple drawing of his father waking him up each morning. This is a daily occurrence for most children, but for a child with a hearing loss, the sounds of footsteps and the gentle murmurings can only be imagined.

In order to focus awareness on Better Speech and Hearing Month, the Coral Springs/Parkland Quotarians in Florida sponsor a poster contest at a different local elementary school each year. This year the fifth grade students at Westchester Elementary School were the recipients of this fine program. Not only did the club members teach about hearing health care, they also taught some basic words in sign language. But the main goal of the program was to teach tolerance. Children were made aware of the difficulties that hearing impairment can have on a person. The students were instructed to be helpful and include others.

Not only did the poster contest showcase the Quota club and their commitment to community service, it also provided the opportunity to inform children of Quota’s efforts around the world.

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