Curaçao Club Has All the Right Moves

  • January 27, 2011

Curaçao Club Has All the Right Moves

Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month is a month-long event in Quota’s Curaçao club. Each year the club sponsors a series of events, from donating hearing aids to honoring a Community Champion, in order to focus attention on the special needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing. With an extensive public awareness campaign, the Quotarians inform the community of the warning signs of hearing loss and provide them with information on how to seek professional help.

The goal of these Quota events is to educate the public about the types of assistance that are available. Hearing aids, deaf education, and speech therapy can go a long way toward assimilating handicapped people into main-stream society. At a health fair sponsored by the Curaçao club, ten organizations presented programs dealing with deaf-related issues. Blood pressure screenings are also provided to the visitors. Below, Quota charter member, Laura Themen, is rejoicing at the news that she has the blood pressure of a teenager.

To cover the expenses of their Better Hearing and Speech Month promotion, Quota Curaçao organized a small fund-raiser in conjunction with the Gloria Janssen School of Dance. Two young girls stole the show with their belly dancing. The twin sisters mimicked each other as they performed in perfect synchronization. With this enjoyable money-maker, the Quotarians helped the community tune in to the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing and showed them the right moves to help people with hearing disabilities.

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