Bicycles Built for Two Clubs

  • January 27, 2011

Bicycles Built for Two Clubs

When police in Coolum Beach, Queensland, Australia, offered the local Rotary club some unclaimed bicycles, members eagerly repaired and painted them to look brand new. But they weren’t sure what to do with them.

Then, they remembered Quota.

A Coolum Beach Quota club member spoke to the Rotary club several months before about their service mission to help disadvantaged women and children. So, the Rotarians contacted the Quotarian and proposed a joint service project.

Quota volunteers sprang into action to locate deserving youth to receive the bicycles. With the help of a care worker from the local youth community center, Coolum Beach Quota found three children in a family with great need of transportation. The eldest was about to start high school and would use one of the bikes for the several kilometers’ journey each day.

The Quota club purchased helmets and padlocks for the bicycles and joined Rotary members and local police officers to present the gifts to the family. Adds Quota volunteer Cindy Arbuthnot, “All the thanks we needed was the expression on the children’s faces.”

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