Banquet for Speech-Hearing Notables in Massillon

  • January 27, 2011

Banquet for Speech-Hearing Notables in Massillon

In celebration of National Better Hearing and Speech Month in May, the Quota club of Massillon, Ohio, hosts an annual banquet to celebrate community and club members who have raised awareness of speech and hearing needs. Below, those included among the honorees this year were, from left, Community Champion Joy Porter, age 15; Sound Beginnings program chair Carrie Spangler; two-year-old Rachel, who received hearing aids through Sound Beginnings; and Anna Hampton, club scholarship winner.

Sound Beginnings is an ongoing effort to provide an initial set of hearing aids to any child to age six in Stark County who is diagnosed with permanent hearing loss. The club aims to provide the missing link between diagnosis and early intervention. So far, the club has received more than U.S.$116,000 in grants and matching funds for the program and has fitted 23 children with hearing aids, including Rachel, pictured below with her mother.

The club’s new project, Listening to Learn, provides sound field amplification systems in every kindergarten through third grade classroom in the Massillon City Schools and provides system installation and training for teachers and administrators. When the club received a U.S.$40,000 matching grant from the Paul and Carol David Foundation for this program, they worked aggressively to earn the needed matching funds to secure the award. Judicious changes were made in the annual dinner-auction program to increase profits, and publicity and word-of-mouth encouragement were increased. The result: a 65 percent boost in attendance and 68 percent rise in profits, from the typical U.S.$12,000 for the event to over U.S.$20,200!

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