After the Hurricane… Heartbreak, Help, Hope

  • January 27, 2011

After the Hurricane… Heartbreak, Help, Hope

The We Share Foundation’s Hurricane Relief Fund Final Report to Members

Our members of Quota Club Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, wish to express our concern. We went through a tsunami in Malaysia and do have an inkling on how much help is required both financially and spiritually. Our members are praying for those affected by Hurricane Katrina, especially our Quota club members. May God bless them with strength and perseverance to pull through this devastation.

—Chee Ling Hew
Quota International-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 13, 2005

Within hours of the news that Hurricane Katrina had struck New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast on August 29, e-mails flooded Quota International’s office. Some of these notes came from Quotarians whose homes and towns were ravaged by the storm, others from the surrounding areas that welcomed the influx of evacuees. Still more e-mails came from Quotarians around the world; these offered concern, support, and prayers. The deluge continued when Hurricane Rita devastated the coast of Texas less than a month later.

In the face of tragedy, our members sprung into action. Local clubs provided support to the underserved in their communities, meeting a range of needs from the most immediate (blankets, shelter, clothing) to long-term (job support and summer camp), while clubs on the periphery offered school uniforms, supplies, and other relief services to evacuees.

This support was made possible by the commitment of District 21 Quota clubs and also the generous support offered by Quota’s international community. Clubs worldwide gave generously of their time and resources to funnel everything from prayers to care packages to blood donations to the storm-ravaged South. Through the We Share Foundation—and for the first time ever—areas, districts, clubs, and individuals provided nearly U.S.$50,000 in disaster relief funds to South Area clubs, offering desperately needed assistance.

The We Share Foundation is proud to announce that it has distributed all U.S.$48,358 collected through its first ever disaster relief fund to District 21 relief projects. We invite you explore the links to the right to learn more about these projects, and the web of support that Quota clubs formed for hurricane victims—and one another.

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