“Food for Thought” Great Idea in New Hampshire

  • January 27, 2011

“Food for Thought” Great Idea in New Hampshire

When Gallaudet University sponsored its annual Academic Bowl for deaf and hard-of -hearing high school students in the Northeast United States, District 29 clubs in Massachusetts and New Hampsire joined together and lent a helping hand by providing refreshments for the two break rooms.

These forward thinking clubs avoided the usual “junk food” types of snacks, which have been available in the past. Instead, the Quotarians provided bottled water and a myriad of healthy foods. Granola bars, crackers, pretzels, and bagels were just part of the spread. With a tray of fruits and vegetables, the students had delicious foods to munch on while they relaxed between rounds of questioning.
The District 29 members—representatives from Quota’s Andover, Dover, Lawrence, Manchester, and Portsmouth clubs—also staffed the break rooms and helped the participants relax between sessions. The interest and support the Quotarians showed the students certainly played a part in how well they performed during the competition.

Gallaudet University offers deaf and hard-of-hearing students the opportunity to participate in an academic contest similar to those routinely held for hearing students. Not only is competition healthy for young scholars, it is an opportunity to meet new friends, cheer on their classmates, and show their academic proficiencies.

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