Valdosta Quotarians Share Their Hearts in Georgia

  • January 26, 2011

Valdosta Quotarians Share Their Hearts in Georgia

Remember old-time movies when heroes wore white and villains were depicted in black? Now-a-days the “good guys and gals” are wearing blue—Valdosta Quotarians in Georgia, U.S.A., donned their Quota blue shirts and sponsored a two-hour walk-a-thon on September 10 to raise money for The American Heart Association. The impetus for the walk was two-fold: to honor Valdosta’s late Mayor James Rainwater who died suddenly of a heart attack and to raise awareness of heart disease, the nation’s number one killer. It touches one out of every two Americans.

Heart disease, a real villain, is not always visible. Rainwater, the picture of health who maintained his weight through an active lifestyle, was unaware of his coronary problems.

Patti Sutton, herself a stroke survivor, encouraged everyone to take part, either in the walk-a-thon or through contributions. It was not her own experience of having a stroke at the age of 32 that made this project so meaningful to her. Club member Tammy Turnmeyer’s son, Dane, was born with a heart defect. It is the Turnmeyer family’s hope that with research the heart transplant that their son needs will last longer than transplants currently do.

“I’ve been a member of Quota since 2000, and it is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done,” Patti added. “Being able to serve others is what it’s all about.”

The American Heart Association encourages women to wear red through their “Go Red” program to symbolize that heart disease is the number one killer among women. The association set a goal for this marathon of $65,000. Quota was a participating sponsor by donating at the $5,000 level. In addition, the Quota team raised close to $2,500.

Thanks to the efforts of this Quota club project, heart disease, the number one “bad guy” is becoming more identifiable. Besides raising money, the Heart Walk also provided information about heart disease and strokes and also advice about staying healthy. Through the efforts of the Quota Club of Valdosta, more people will be enjoying life in “living color”!

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