The Many Hats We Wear

  • January 26, 2011

The Many Hats We Wear

Quota volunteers love hats! Enjoy these images of Quota service in action…en chapeaux!

Sure, you’ve seen these ladies on the Quota Home Page at, but who are these gorgeous wearers of hats? Why, participants in a Kentucky Derby Day Party sponsored by Quota International of Cambridge, Maryland, U.S.A., that’s who! The fund-raiser took place at a yacht club along the Choptank River and brought in $10,000 for Quota service.

Taking a break from the bourbon balls and burgoo, these milliner’s dreams include winners in the day’s hat contest for (from left) most unusual hat, best theme (Run for the Roses!), classic design, best overall, and trend-setting design. Two winners, Shannon Taylor (second from right) and Linda Allen (far right) are both members of the Cambridge Quota club.

Men also competed in a Derby tie contest!

Peter Cottontail must live in Petersburg, given the hats on this crowd. Bunny-earred Quota volunteers from QI of Petersburg, Virginia, U.S.A., lifted the spirits of disadvantaged children at a learning center in nearby Hopewell with an Easter party.

Past Club President Susan Biedler shared an Easter story before the Easter Bunny arrived to visit with the children. And when the party was over, each of the children took home a book, some candy, a plush toy, and a photo of himself or herself with the big bunny.

On the heels of their heartwarming success, the Petersburg club held a similar event for hearing-impaired kids in a local school.

Quota members from Opotiki, New Zealand, enjoyed a madcap evening of fun with their Mad Hatter’s Dinner Party fund-raiser. Revelers arrived in outlandish chapeaux to find a table bedecked with playing cards, cabbage leaves, onions, carrots, spinach, and beets. And nothing that followed could be designated “normal.”

Dinner began with dessert, followed by fish cooked in green batter, and then leek and potato soup. After dinner, a member read aloud from Lewis Carroll’s “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party,” hinting that participants should listen well. After the reading, the crowd broke into groups with newspapers, staplers, scissors, and tape to create roses, caterpillars, watches, and mice with artistic flair. “We didn’t know how clever we were!” exclaimed one member.

When tables were cleared, the crowd played housie…and raised a bundle for donation to World Service. It was “a great night enjoyed by all.”

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