SOOOOIIIIEEEE! Paris Club Goes Hog Wild

  • January 26, 2011

SOOOOIIIIEEEE! Paris Club Goes Hog Wild

Folks in Paris, Tennessee, U.S.A., go hog wild every year at the Quota club’s fall celebration. Heaping helpings of fellowship and fun at the annual “hog killing” party create a perfect time for new members to mingle and a great opportunity for recruiting. We Share e-zine reporter Mary Margaret Yodzis gets the scoop on this delightful event from Paris Quota member Melanie Townsend.

MM: Do you have this hog killing every year?

Mel: Yes, it is held annually in October.

MM: Your newsletter says you have a contest for best dressed male and female. What do the Quota members wear to the party?
Mel: We dress as if we were going to a hog killing.

MM: Melanie, I’m not sure I would know what to wear. What’s the Paris fashion for hog killing? Do you, um, dress to kill?

Mel: Ha, ha. Well, we wear blue jeans, overalls, and dresses with aprons. That sort of thing. We go all out for this.

MM: Whole hog, you mean?

Mel: {groan}

MM: That sounds like fun. Everybody loves costume parties! Do you actually kill a hog there?
Mel: Well, during the year, we each have a piggy bank—our hog. And we feed our hogs all year by putting a quarter in them each week. Then at the hog killing we hold a ceremony to dump all of that money into a large barrel. That’s how we kill our hogs. And the money goes for our scholarships.

MM: That’s hilarious!

Mel: We just have a good time! It’s a party we look forward to each year. And it’s a great time for recruiting. Quota looks like a lot of fun, so people join.

MM: And it is fun, isn’t it?

Mel: Sure is. This is a great party because it’s casual, fun, and we have a lot of great food. It’s always our best attended party of the year.

MM: What do you serve?

Mel: Everybody brings a dish to share for a potluck. Of course, they are usually our best dishes, so everything is delicious. We also have music and, sometimes, a skit. We’ve had bluegrass and country music, cloggers. This year we had a band. It’s always a fun type of entertainment. And we offer a country store to raise money for club service projects. Members make homemade goods—jelly, preserves, pickles, quilts, jewelry—and it gives them a chance to show off their talents while we’re raising money.

MM: What a great idea!

Mel: It really is.

MM: Thanks for sharing it with us!

Mel: Well, you know our motto—in Quota, we share!

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