Ruston Quota Hosts Financial Forum

  • January 26, 2011

Ruston Quota Hosts Financial Forum

The Ruston Quota club in Louisiana, U.S.A., ran a successful Christmas Home Tour for more than 35 years to raise funds for service. By the turn of the 21st Century, the club had begun to experience trouble getting homeowners to participate and allow the public into their houses.

So, Ruston Quota members made a bold move. With admitted apprehension and lots of enthusiasm, the club voted to try a new idea suggested by a new club member. The result is a tremendously successful Financial Forum, offering seminars on various financial topics presented in layman’s language by financial wizards in the community. “We believe there is a need for this type of information to be made available to the general public without the pressure of a sales presentation,” notes club member and project chair Donna Bernard. “Everyone handles, uses, or needs money, whether buying a new home, getting married, contemplating retirement, caring for elderly parents, financing college educations, or just budgeting household expenses.”

click here for details on Ruston’s project.

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