Reaching Around the World with Quota Bears

  • January 26, 2011

Reaching Around the World with Quota Bears

Quota Cares Teddy Bears have been giving comfort to children around the world since 1993, and these cuddly mascots, emblazoned with a large “Q” and sporting a ribbon, are designed to show kids that someone cares about them enough to share a teddy bear. Not surprisingly, many Quota clubs have found imaginative ways to use Quota Bears to spread the Quota spirit.
The Quotarians of Venice, Florida, U.S.A., have a life-sized teddy that comes to all their events. Quota the Bear has become the official Quota representative around town, entertaining kids and posing for photos at all sorts of local events. At a recent Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by Quota, the Lions Club, and Venice Mainstreet, Quota the Bear danced the Hokey-Pokey and the Macarena with local children before he was serenaded with his own theme song—”Hello, Quota” sung to the tune of “Hello, Dolly.”

Quota of Geelong in Victoria, Australia, had their own life-sized teddy bear at their Doll & Teddy Show fund-raiser. The very successful event brought dolls and bears of all kinds together for a display visited by children and adults alike—and some of the bears even got to come out and play with visiting children. Every club member took part to help make this experience all it could be, which gave the club more than Aus.$7,000 to use in other service.

The Quotarians of Manila, the Philippines, didn’t have stuffed or life-sized bears for their recent fund-raiser. Instead, they had small, bear-shaped coin banks! Each member took home a bank to fill with loose change, brought full banks back, and took home empties to fill up again. After five months of coin collection, Quota of Manila had quite a large bankroll drawn from the bellies of their little bears.

Two other Quota clubs do in fact give stuffed Quota Cares Bears to those in need—but with a twist. Quota of Taree’s Margaret MacLean, in New South Wales, Australia, recently made 50 bears and donated them to the Children’s Ward at Manning Base Hospital where their bright colors and patterns are cheering up children. The “Quota Care Bears Taree” hand-stitched in the back of each lets recipients know they can always count on Quota. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.A., two local Quotarians deliver hundreds of bears a month to two local hospitals. Nurses there give the bears to those in need of comfort, including children who are victims of trauma and those scared and alone because their parents are patients.

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