Quota Friendship Ageless in Aruba

  • January 26, 2011

Quota Friendship Ageless in Aruba

Nibbling cookies and sipping drinks. Winning a round of bingo. Watching models strut the latest fashions on the runway. Savoring soup and beef stew. Singing along with a live guitarist.

Does this sound like enough to keep you busy for an entire weekend? Then imagine the whirlwind of fun when all of this is packed into just four hours! That’s what elderly Arubans recently enjoyed, thanks to local Quotarians. Often forgotten by their communities and families, they found friendly faces among Quota’s members, who invited them for a Saturday of pampering.

“The elderly are often forgotten in their communities,” said Quotarian Suzy Maduro. “But they need attention and to be able to smile and enjoy laughter.”

Smile and laugh they did. The day began with traditional Aruban cookies and drinks—”koeki lerchi” and “chuculati panda.” Their sweet tooth satisfied, the guests then moved on to a rousing round of bingo run by Quotarians and featuring various prizes. Next, the club proved that you don’t need to go to Paris to see the latest fashions: they put on their own fashion show, modeling attire designed for older adults, donated by a member’s store. One model donned men’s clothes so that the men, too, could be kept abreast of the latest fashions.

Shouting, “Bingo!” and watching runway models caused participants to work up an appetite, so at the end of the fashion show, Quota members offered their guests a delicious lunch of traditional soup, beef stew, and other Aruban side dishes. Before ending the day with party favors—boxes of Aruban delicacies—a guitarist joined the group to lead a sing-a-long: together Quotarians and guests sang the song of friendship.

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