Orillia, Ontario: A Two Club Town

  • January 26, 2011

Orillia, Ontario: A Two Club Town

Since 1999, Orillia, Ontario, has benefited from two very different Quota clubs. And the community has not been the only beneficiary! That year, members of QI of Orillia developed a GREAT IDEA and chartered Quota International of Mariposa, affectionately known as the Silver “Q” Club.

Orillia’s “sister clubs” have two very different personalities: the original local Quota club, QI of Orillia, chartered in 1945, meets over dinner and continues to fund-raise and organize large service efforts in their community. The Mariposa club meets over lunch and does not raise funds.

Their close proximity benefits BOTH CLUBS: The two clubs share work, fellowship, and fun in their Quota events. One project the two clubs particularly enjoy together is the Canada Day celebration in Couchiching Beach Park. For many years, a local bakery has provided the gigantic sheet cake for the celebration. The Orillia Quota club traditionally cut and shared the pieces with the community, but now, both clubs enjoy the effort together, doing what Quota members do best…share!

Knowing two clubs in one Quota community is always better than one, Quota International leaders unveiled a brand new concept in new club organization—club branches. A minimum of five members are needed to launch a club branch, and it will operate independently in most ways from the “mentoring” club until and unless it charters as an official club. Just as Orillia club members did, Quota leaders recommend seeking branch members who want a different Quota experience than your club offers. For more information on starting a branch in your community, contact Executive Director Kathleen Treiber at kathleen@quota.org.

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