Off to the Races!

  • January 26, 2011

Off to the Races!

The Nascar-Daytona 500 provides a fund-raising opportunity for District 27.

District 27 in Florida was facing a dilemma this winter. A budget crunch left the District unable to foot the bill for its Governor to attend Convention 2001 in Brisbane, Australia, in order to have sufficient operating funds for District business.

But the Daytona Beach Quota club came up with a GREAT IDEA that let the District speed toward a rousing success in fund raising.

For many years, the Daytona Beach club has cashed in on the famous NASCAR and bicycle races in their community by selling food during the events. Most famous is NASCAR’s Daytona 500, which attracts car racing fans from around the world to the seaside community for trials, races, spectacles, and parties. At District Conference this year, the Daytona Beach club suggested the District make a run for some money, too, during the famous February event.

The Daytona Beach club used its clout as a dependable local group to secure a food booth for the District. Then, the club generously shared its secrets and showed other District members the ropes of food service.

Members receive early morning instruction on race day.

Quotarians fill orders as they come in.

Left to right, Dick Fetchik mans the grill while Marian Fetchik, 27th District Governor, pours a soda for a customer.

Members of Quota clubs in Coral Gables, Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Venice, and West Palm Beach joined together on race day, February 17, to cook up a winning recipe in moneymaking through teamwork. And, in one day of selling sausages, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, sodas, and a lot of beer to some of the 200,000 exuberant race fans in attendance, District 27 counted a U.S.$3,000 profit. Says Laura Lahman, District 27 publicity chair, “At the end of the weekend there was a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing that WE DID IT! We met our original goal and now have a cushion in our operating account. Now, we’re going to brainstorm our next District fund raiser.”

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