No Parent Left Behind in East Memphis

  • January 26, 2011

No Parent Left Behind in East Memphis

Parents of hard-of-hearing children in East Memphis, Tennessee, head back to the classroom with the local Quota club to learn ways to enrich their children’s education. East Memphis Quota volunteers collaborate with the local school system to support a GREAT IDEA—the club sponsors a series of workshops for parents of some 300 deaf and hard-of-hearing children in the city.

The Saturday morning sessions for parents cover math and reading strategies; sign language; information on amplification and cochlear implants; speech therapy; career planning; graduation requirements; community resources; and hearing and vision screening. Meanwhile, children enjoy play sessions guided by hard-of-hearing teens.

The Quota club provides lunch for everyone, complete with entertainment by local deaf teens and plenty of door prizes. Parents leave with a wealth of information as well as new friends who face similar challenges. And club members say they gained greater understanding of the needs and challenges of families impacted by hearing loss.

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